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registered on discogs, found an album which josh did the art to.


The Dream Edge - 2016 - $7 at bandcamp - 1h11m29s - 496-958kb/s in lossless flac (CD-quality).

The album builds up slowly - from ambience, piano, and different sleep-states, to metallic sounds, dubstepbeats and gunshots. And then back again - like any good dj mix.

Found influences include, to mention just a couple: a pianist and a couple of Blizzard games. You can also hear inspiration from the whole spectrum of his own music-making-career. And don't forget - just like he's always sampled other artists, he also allows you to do the same - the whole album is licensed under a BY-NC-SA Creative Commons license.

I really miss out on having headphones, I remember listening with them a couple of years ago to an older album of his. Then, what in my speakers sounded like monotony, you instead get transported to a world of sounds (ala future sound of london). And I'm guessing the same is true here, eventhough I've updated my stereo since then....

01 Lace On Air (4:29) Dawn of a new day, different piano notes + vinylsparkles, beat starts at ½min, then 10 secs later is joined with some looped piano-notes (ala Underwatervoyage). Hurry or you'll be late for work! Day to day, clock-ticking - like in several of his later songs. Ends like it begins.

02 Simple Life (2:56) If it's not a clock then maybe mouseclicking. Underwatervoyage-sparkles at 2 mins. Muddled-synth-talking coming and going.

03 Rainfall Dream (5:10) Piano, rain against windowpain. The first half of the song uses a few notes quite similar to Eric Satie's Gymnopedie #1. Dubstep:y beat (irregular - first a few hits, then a couple sec pause).

04 Sleep Now, Child (3:02) Synth-ambience and piano only.

05 Forest Dream (5:02) More upbeat. Running. Gets more interesting at 30+ secs. "Moonlight"- (and the sample I'm referring to was from FSOL) kinda gleaming sound comes and goes.

06 Persephone (5:49) Unsettling. Reminds both his old old Horror mod and the Sewers in Diablo II. Another clock. A beat jumps in after 2 mins, also the first strong bass sound. At 4 mins there's just a ticking and a bass, meaning working or dancing? Or thinking about work when dancing? Or thinking about dancing when working?

07 Hedron (5:06) Bass again. Then a gun which gets loaded, and shot, looped, that gets more and more reverb. At 1 min starts a tick, kinda, but fast and melodic. Industrial:ish ambience build up from 2 mins.

08 3px Tears (5:36) Bass that's irregular to the beat. Laser, magic, brilliance. Makes me think of the soundtrack to (and sounds of) Protoss in Starcraft. Bladerunner? Do androids cry when they're sad? Yes, three-pixel-long tears...

09 Ren-Ai Protocol (5:26) Finger-snapping. Some undecypherable lyrics. Yes, lyrics! Pretty:ish.

10 Twilight Shoujo (6:55) Serious-sounding. Hurrying. Lazer. I think of "Trailing through the sky"... "Shoujo" means "little (girl)" in japanese.

11 Break Refractor (6:04) Serious-sounding again, and ramps up from the last song with an oldskool beat, and at 1:20 we're treated to the harpsynthsound reminiscing of the Final Fantasy II theme. 2:10 we hear "a Moebius strip" sound sample. 20 secs later it builds up more, I'm reminded of Boss Rush. Changes pace several times after that.

12 Mecha Golem (5:07) Well, the title says it all. Starts monotonously. The interface begins talking at 1½min. Builds slows down as the album is nearing its end.

13 Spectre (5:32) The beat kicks in at ½min, and i'm directly reminded of Photek's Knitevision.

14 Rise Above (5:16) Ambience allthrough. Radio-disturbance sometimes. End of signal.

Back to influences again:

* Photek
* Future sound of london
* Eric Satie
* Bladerunner

Games: Diablo II, Starcraft, Final Fantasy

mods: Underwater voyage, Moonlight, Horror, Pretty

mp3s: Trailing through the sky, Boss rush

I'd say this is his best release in.. a long long time? Kudos for making it listenable with a bad stereo...

found a new track

youtube exclusive: Analogue flight


ATB - one could be tricked into thinking that he's sold out (dedicated, addicted to music, and no silence were terrible), but every now and then there's a double-cd, and the second cd is real nice ambient with piano. the releases i'm talking about is trilogy and distant earth. ok and future memories a lil, and then of course his first double album two worlds which is mostly ambient, and the vocal tracks aren't that bad. how i discovered heather nova...
Shroud (2012, beatport)
hey, my favorite non-single release. not tired of it yet. it's got no weak parts, it can't with 4 tracks and when it's commercial... compared to a million drops which was released the same year - which has a kinda muzak feel to it (same vibes i get from phase shift).

i just quick-listened through 6 of his latest releases, and i can't find what i was looking for... i was sure he used the same 2 notes from eric satie's gymnopedies over and over. or was it ATB in the playlist at that point? or even something else? or did i have an ambient song on soundcloud and gymnopedies in winamp? or an ambient darkhalo song in winamp, and the youtube song someone linked on facebook i listened to ended and it was satie after that? oh, never noticed that before... might be the solution...

May. 5th, 2016

Oh and I want to mention another reason I had for making this site: I had heard that I would be forced to start working, and then I thought 'I could never handle that' and that it would be better if I died. But before dying I had to do something memorable, and it was this site... (it took a year, but eventually I worked 36 hours per week for 3 months [before burning out...] at the multimedia section of a large second hand store, loved it)

- Tomas Ove Johansson-Jonsson, aka Uni K Harm

Petabyte Flow Fanart

Mange Schmidt - Avundsjuka Typer

* Addictive atmospheric piano
* 8-bit bassline
* Very rythmic rapping



Found a review of my favorite (dh) song, that got me hooked on him in the first place. I thought it was in 97, but maybe 99, I was using 3dsmaxr2 and had it on repeat, so whenever I play it I get some really odd remembrance. I thought at first that I found his stuff on altered perception, but I remember checking it a few years ago and his mods weren't there.


[07:17][Presenter] I'm a fan of his old drum & bass and ambient tracks
[07:17][Presenter] e.g. Kriby's Dreamland and the Underwater Voyages
[07:19][Presenter] at the time I heard his songs, darkhalo was probably among the best trackers
[07:19][Presenter] a new sound after the Amiga era

Waveform > Mod > Ebb Tide



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